Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Old Timey Stingy Jack by Brandt Peters

Old Timey Stingy Jack Vinyl Figure by Brandt Peters

The third colorway of Brandt Peters’ popular Stingy Jack vinyl figure has been unveiled and it’s this beautiful metallic black and white colorway entitled “Old Timey” Stingy Jack! Inspired of old black and white cartoons from the 1930s, Old Timey Stingy Jack became available for pre-order by those fans able to attend Brandt’s solo art show “Posthumous Menagerie” in person last weekend at Stranger Factory. Produced jointly by Circus Posterus and Tomenosuke, expect CP to handle the North American sales, while Tomenosuke handles the international sales with this fun new Stingy Jack colorway goes on sale in late January 2013.
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