Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Threadless Superman “Super LOL” T-Shirt

Threadless x DC Comics Superman “Super LOL” T-Shirt

Super LOL by Hillary White

The Blot loves funny super hero inspired designs, and this new Superman t-shirt from Threadless entitled “Super LOL” is pretty ridiculous (in a good way). It riffs on what a joke Superman’s “Clark Kent” secret identity is considering all he does is put on a pair of glasses. To drive home that fact, “Super LOL” features DC Comics’ Man of Steel in a variety of silly disguises, including a clown nose, a mustache and an eye patch. The Blot wishes they had used the classic Groucho Marx “fake nose and eyebrow glasses”, but that’s probably a little too similar to his Clark Kent look.

The Threadless Superman t-shirt “Super LOL” comes printed on a natural t-shirt (sizes S-2XL) and is currently available for purchase at for $20.
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