Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thundercracker Flight Blue Chase 3″ Transformers Dunny by kaNO

Kidrobot x Transformers Thundercracker Inspired Flight 3″ Dunny Blue Chase by kaNO

After visiting every online store The Blot could find and coming up short, I finally got my hands on a blind box of kaNO’s new Flight 3” Dunny thanks to my local designer toy store Domy Books! Can’t lie, I was pretty excited to get my hands on one of these Transformers inspired designs. Then I opened it and realized I’d pulled one of two mystery chases, the blue Thundercracker inspired colorway. It was pure genius that kaNO and Kidrobot decided to release multiple Flight Dunny colorways each based on a different Decepticon Seeker.

The Flight Dunny by kaNO has a limited edition run size of 3,000 figures, which includes two mystery chase colorways, and retails for $14.95 each. Most stores are currently sold out of this Transformers inspired figure, but keep looking because you never know where one might pop up!
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