Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bruce Lee Themed Tuttz & JellyBot Resin Figure Sets by The Jelly Empire

Bruce Lee Themed Green Hornet Tuttz & Kato JellyBot Resin Figure Set by The Jelly Empire

Tomorrow The Jelly Empire is set to drop two all new Bruce Lee inspired Tuttz Mini and JellyBot resin figure sets! First up is a very cool Green Hornet set, which includes Argonaut Resins’ Tuttz Mini as the Green Hornet and the JellyBot as Kato (as portrayed by Bruce Lee in the ‘60s Green Hornet television series). The Jelly Empire’s second release is the Game of Death set, which features both a JellyBot and a Tuttz Mini sporting Bruce Lee’s trademark yellow and black tracksuit from the hit 1972 movie of the same name.

Bruce Lee Themed Game of Death Tuttz & JellyBot Resin Figure Set by The Jelly Empire

Both Tuttz Mini and Jelly Bot resin figure sets go on sale at The Jelly Empire’s online store tomorrow, Friday, March 1st, at 2pm EST for $60 per set.
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