Monday, February 18, 2013

Dwyane Wade x Li-Ning “Way of Wade” NBA All-Star Weekend 2013 Screen Prints by Jermaine Rogers

Dwyane  Wade x Li-Ning “Way of Wade” NBA All-Star Weekend Pop-Up Shop

This past weekend was the 2013 NBA All-Star Game here in Houston. While The Blot wasn’t able to attend the game, I did try to sneak my way into as many All-Star Weekend events as my pregnant wife would allow. The NBA has always been my favorite professional sports league, and I love all the hoopla surrounding its signature event. It’s really amazing how much bigger the All-Star Weekend has become since it was last here in Houston 7 years ago. Now there are amazing signings, parties and sneaker events all over the city where you can rub shoulders with your favorite basketball players, musicians and artists.

Dwyane Wade x Li-Ning “Way of Wade” NBA 2013 All-Star Weekend Sting Wades Sneakers

Once such event was Li-Ning’s “Way of Wade” pop-up shop on Saturday where the Chinese sneaker company unveiled their new line of Dwyane Wade clothing and apparel, including some really killer limited edition All-Star colorways of Dwyane’s new sneakers “Sting Wades”.  Dwyane even came by for an appearance and to officially launch his new sneakers! While the $250 basketball shoes didn’t blow me away, I was super excited to check out the two amazing Jermaine Rogers screen prints commissioned by Wade and Li-Ning specially for the pop-up shop and Wade’s private “Way of Wade” party the night before.

Dwyane Wade x Li-Ning “Preparation/Domination” NBA 2013 All-Star Weekend Screen Print by Jermaine Rogers

The open edition black Dwyane Wade x Li-Ning "Preparation/Domination" by Jermaine was made specifically for Wade's private "Way of Wade" party Friday night, and one was given to every person in attendance. The figure of Wade “in action” in his silhouette is actually printed in glow in the dark ink and really stands out on this striking image. I love Jermaine's use of color in this piece! The Blot’s not exactly sure of the print's dimensions, but it looked like a 12”x24” print and retailed for $30.

Dwyane Wade x Li-Ning “Way of Wade” NBA 2013 All-Star Weekend Mixed Media on Wood Panel by Jermaine Rogers

The second print is entitled “Make Your Own Way” and all prints were printed on foil, a signature of Jermaine’s many releases, exclusively for Li-Ning's All-Star Weekend pop-up shop. This print is slightly larger than the "Preparation/Domination" print (maybe 18”x24”), but this release was limited to just 100 pieces and came signed and numbered by Jermaine! What really blew me away is that Dwyane specifically requested this pretty large s/n foil print be priced reasonably for his fans, so it retailed for just $30!!! Who needs sneakers when you can get this amazing piece of art by a true rock poster legend for just $30!?! Jermaine also did an incredible recreation of his foil print as a 60”x40” mixed media piece on wood panel, which hung prominently at the Li-Ning pop-up shop.

Dwyane Wade x Li-Ning “Way of Wade” NBA 2013 All-Star Weekend 2013 Screen Print by Jermaine Rogers

The Blot of course snagged the signed and numbered Dwyane Wade x Li-Ning “Make Your Own Way” foil print by Jermaine Rogers, and when I left the gallery on Saturday there were a small amount of both prints still available. No clue if either sold out at the event after I left, but if you want to pick either of these basketball prints by Jermaine, I suggest heading over to his website and signing up for his mailing list.  That's the best way to stay on top of all of his future releases.
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