Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fur Face Boy Winter 2012 T-Shirt Collection

Fur Face Boy Winter 2012 T-Shirt Collection - FFB Huxtable, The Uncanny FFB & FFB vs. Bruce (Round 2)

The Blot’s been anxiously awaiting the release of a new Fur Face Boy collection, and it’s finally here! For its Winter 2012 Collection, FFB has produced some killer new designs and a few classics. I always love Fur Face Boy’s comic book inspired designs, so of course my favorite new tee is the “Uncanny FFB.” It pays tribute to Marvel’s merry mutants by redesigning their trademark Uncanny X-Men logo. The “FFB Huxtable” is also a pretty sweet design, which features the Fur Face Boy logo sporting a Bill Cosby sweater inspired color scheme.

Fur Face Boy Winter 2012 T-Shirt Collection - FFB Classic Ringer, Fur Face Strong Guy, FFB All-American Team & FFB Zippy Nappy Hoodie

The Fur Face Boy Winter 2012 Collection also includes a new colorway of the classic “FFB vs. Bruce Lee” t-shirt, and a Mickey Mouse inspired “FFB Classic” ringer tee. Add in a cool football inspired “FFB All-American Team” design and the retro “Fur Face Strong Guy” t-shirt and you’ve got a pretty awesome collection top to bottom. There’s even a new Fur Face Boy blue zip-up hoodie!

All of the t-shirts seen here and so much more can be purchased at the Fur Face Boy online store while supplies last! The t-shirts retail for $27.99 (in sizes S-XXL), while the hoodie retails for $49.99.
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