Monday, February 11, 2013

Krylon UPC Label T-Shirt Series by Sket One

Krylon UPC Label T-Shirt Series by Sket One - Ultra-Flat Black, Flat White, Jungle Green & Icy Grape

Over the past few weeks Sket One’s been releasing some killer new Krylon inspired t-shirts through his online store. Each shirt features an old school spray paint UPC label from some of Krylon’s most popular colors that is sure to send every graf writer on a walk down memory lane. So far four UPC Label tees have been released: Ultra-Flat Black, Flat White, Icy Grape and Jungle Green. The Blot’s always been a big fan of Krylon’s discontinued Icy Grape color, and I definitely need to get my hands on one of these shirts.

All four Krylon UPC Label t-shirts seen here are available for purchase through Sket One’s online store for $25 in sizes S-XXXL. Some sizes are already sold out though, so if you want to display your love of graffiti on your sleeve go pick one of these tees up today!
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