Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is Invisible Creature’s Odd Galaxy!?!

Invisible Creature x Super7 Odd Galaxy Galactic Misfits

A big thank you to Thomas Scott for directing The Blot to Invisible Creature’s new Odd Galaxy website! As Thomas points out in his tweet, the Odd Galaxy logo is pretty sweet and is hopefully the beginning of something very, very cool. According to the site, it’s a new squad of galactic misfits from Invisible Creature and Super7 crash landing this winter 2013.

Invisible Creature x Super7 Odd Galaxy Galactic Misfits - Colonel Stinson

The Blot did some snooping, and according to the Odd Galaxy Twitter account the new Invisible Creature vinyl figure that was on display at Super7’s SDCC 2012 booth is the first character in their new Odd Galaxy toy line. The figure is named Colonel Stinson and is the size of Super7’s Mascot DX line (ala Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire DX). Hopefully more details will be unveiled soon!
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