Monday, March 18, 2013

Hellboy 5” Mini Qee Vinyl Figures by Toy2R

Hellboy 5” Mini Qee Vinyl Figures by Toy2R - Original, B.P.R.D. Edition & Glow in the Dark

The Blot won’t lie, I really don’t get this new Hellboy Qee release by Toy2R. Didn’t T2R already do this 5 years ago!?! This new collaboration with Mike Mignola and Dark Horse is a little chunkier and styalized. Plus, this is the first time a Hellboy Qee has been released in Toy2R’s 5 inch “Mini Qee” scale. There are three colorways in this Mini Qee release: Original, B.P.R.D. Edition, and Glow in the Dark.

Each Hellboy 5" Mini Qee vinyl figure is sold separately and features 3 points of articulation. While these are not expected to hit store shelves until July 2013, you can pre-order all three versions from Entertainment Earth for $15.99 each here.
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