Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kidrobot Black DigesTED by Alex Pardee

Kidrobot Black DigesTED Vinyl Figure by Alex Pardee

Sadly, it’s been kind of rare that The Blot gets really excited about a Kidrobot Black figure. But every once in a while they release something truly awesome…like Alex Pardee’s DigesTED vinyl figure! This incredibly detailed figure has a limited edition run size of just 250 nightmarish pieces, comes hand numbered and includes Alex’ signature engraved on the bottom. Exclusive to black.kidrobot.com and select retailers worldwide, DigesTED will retail for $200 each and is scheduled to hit store shelves on March 28th.

Something evil lives inside a trusted old friend. Slick gloss looks alien against innocent molded fuzz. Red orbs glow in contrast to dull white eyes. Sinewy arms finished in fists clenched. Patches and scars, once signs of years of love, are evidence of previous horror. Deep inside, a child is trapped. There is no escape.
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