Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cat With Decapitated Lion's Head Screen Print by Deth P. Sun

Cat With Decapitated Lion's Head Print by Deth P. Sun

Berkeley, California artist Deth P. Sun was invited to participate in a new print show “Galaxy” at Telegraph Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia. Deth’s piece is entitled “Cat With Decapitated Lion's Head” and features, well, a cat with a decapitated lion’s head! I know, I know, the title was pretty self explanatory before I tried to explain the image, but either way this is a fun little piece that does a great job showing off Deth’s unique art style.

“Cat With Decapitated Lion's Head” by Deth P. Sun is an 18”x24” screen print. It has a limited edition run size of 75 prints and retails for just $28 at the Telegraph Gallery online store.
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