Friday, April 19, 2013

“Decepticon Air Show” Transformers Screen Prints by Tom Whalen

Acidfree Gallery - “Decepticon Air Show” Transformers Standard Edition Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Tom Whalen has created the absolute perfect companion piece to his previously released “Autobot Invitational” Transformers print!!! The “Decepticon Air Show” screen print is being produced by Acidfree Gallery as part of its Hasbro Screen Print Series. Once again Whalen is focusing on the vehicle modes of classic Generation 1 Transformers, but this time it’s all evil Decepticon Seekers. The Blot assumes this print features jets Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp, but I guess two of them could be Thrust, Ramjet, or Dirge? Whalen did it again with an epic retro Transformers design.

Acidfree Gallery - “Decepticon Air Show” Transformers Variant Screen Print by Tom Whalen

“Decepticon Air Show” by Tom Whalen is an 18”x24” 5 color Transformers screen print. The Standard Edition has a limited edition run size of 150 pieces, comes hand numbered and will retail for $50, while the Variant has a limited edition run size of 65 pieces, comes signed and numbered by the artist, and will retail for $65. Both versions will also be offered in a very limited Canvas Edition limited to just 5 pieces, which will retail for $150 each. All four versions go on sale at 12:30pm EST today, Friday, April 19th, at the Acidfree Gallery online store.
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