Tuesday, April 23, 2013

“ThunderCats Ho!” ThunderCats Minimates Classic Box Set

“ThunderCats Ho!” Thundercats Minimates Classic Box Set - Lynx-O, Robear Bert, Pumyra, Bengali & Ratar-O

Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum continue their popular line of Classic Thundercats Minimates box sets with a new set featuring characters from the legendary made for television movie ThunderCats Ho! This Previews exclusive set features newly discovered Thunderians Lynx-O, Pumyra and Bengali, the evil Ratar-O and Robear Bert. The Blot was totally shocked to learn about this set, because even though I’ve always loved these “new” ThunderCats they’re pretty obscure characters to the general public. I guess that’s why this set is a Previews exclusive.

This Previews Exclusive Thundercats Ho! Minimates 5 piece box set is not expected to hit comic book and specialty store shelves until September 2013, where it will retail for $19.99 each.
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