Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iron Man 3 GID Screen Print by Phantom City Creative

Iron Man 3 Glow in the Dark Screen Print by Phantom City Creative

In honor of Iron Man’s third live action film hitting theaters this weekend Mondo decided to release three prints starring Marvel’s armored avenger tomorrow. To round out Mondo’s Iron Man 3 releases is this pretty cool movie poster by Phantom City Creative. I say pretty cool because I love the idea behind it, but honestly The Blot’s seen this same design a million times before. In fact, Threadless just released practically the same image as an Iron Man t-shirt just last week. I don’t think PCC copied anyone, I just don’t find it all that creative or imaginative. At least this design is glow in the dark!

Iron Man 3 by Phantom City Creative is a 24”x36” GID limited edition screen print that is scheduled to go on sale at a random time this Friday, May 3rd, at the Mondo online store. The print has a run size of 250 pieces and will retail for $45 each.
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