Friday, May 24, 2013

Marvel x Kidrobot Wolverine & Venom 7” Labbit Vinyl Figures

Marvel x Kidrobot Wolverine 7 Inch Labbit Vinyl Figure

The collaboration between Marvel Comics and Kidrobot continues with these awesome 7” Labbits of the X-Men’s Wolverine and the villainous Venom! Kidrobot’s done a lot of things with Frank Kozik’s Labbit, but this might be The Blot’s all time favorite Labbit designs! Engineered to kill but destined to do good, this beer drinking, cigar smoking, 7" vinyl Wolverine Labbit is finished with a nasty attitude and rad adamantium colored claw ready to go Snikt!

Marvel x Kidrobot Venom 7 Inch Labbit Vinyl Figure

The Labbit is a great host for the Symbiote known as Venom! Black as death with wide spidery eyes, ferocious fangs, and psychotic tongue, the Venom Labbit is 7 inches of pure vinyl evil! The Marvel Comics x Kidrobot 7” Wolverine and Venom Labbit vinyl figures will retail for $49.99 each and go on sale August 2013. Thanks to Big Bad Toy Store for the pics!
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