Friday, May 3, 2013

Marvel's Iron Man 3 Final Movie Poster

Iron Man 3 Final Theatrical One Sheet Movie Poster

So this poster’s been out for a while, but The Blot’s been holding it back until today to mark the official US premiere of Iron Man 3! The film’s final one sheet is actually pretty cool, although really it’s just a mash-up of about 5 previously released Iron Man 3 one sheets. I guess if you hadn’t seen those then this poster would be really cool. Regardless, I’m extremely pumped to see this film and am still holding out hope it’s not Robert Downey Jr.’s last adventure as the armored avenger. I just can’t imagine a Marvel Comics film without RDJ as Tony Stark. At this point he really is the lynchpin of the Avengers movie universe.

Iron Man 3 premieres in the US today, Friday, May 3rd, in theaters everywhere.
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