Thursday, May 30, 2013

Super7 12th Anniversary Lucky Bags In Stores Now!

Super7 12th Anniversary Lucky Bag Exclusive Unpainted Brown Caveman Dinosaur Vinyl Figure by Joshua Herbolsheimer

Last Saturday night Super7 held their 12th Anniversary party where they released their annual Lucky Bags! From the few pictures The Blot’s seen so far this year’s LBs might be Super7’s best yet!! Each bag contains 9 figures in all, filled to the brim with brand new sculpts, never before seen characters, unexpected test-shots, one-of-a-kind hand painted customs and who knows what else!

As is Super7’s tradition, each Lucky Bag contains toys which have never been available before and will not be made available anywhere afterwards! While I don’t want to post any spoilers, check out Joshua Herbolsheimer’s new Caveman Dinosaur. What a cute little figure that seems to be popping up pretty regularly in S7’s 2013 Lucky Bags cast in unpainted brown soft Japanese vinyl.

Lucky Bags are currently on sale through the Super7 online store (and very select retailes) for $300 each. Are you feeling lucky today!?!
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