Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Full Look: “Creeping” Dero Resin Figure by Jermaine Rogers

“Creeping” Dero Resin Figure by Jermaine Rogers

Here it is…your very first full look at Jermaine Rogers all new resin figure, the Creeping Dero! This massive figure stands 10”x5” (yes you read that right) and was sculpted masterfully by J*RYU. What a perfect 3D interpretation of Jermaine’s amazing work. The Blot’s been dying for a new Jermaine Rogers original toy and it’s finally here! The Creeping Dero will be making its world debut this Saturday night, June 22nd, at the opening of his art show “Comfort For The Desperate Children” at the SCION AV installation space.

What you see above is the OG colorway of the Creeping Dero. There are 2 more variants which will be revealed later, one of which will be a San Diego Comic-Con 2013 exclusive! This regular colorway and a secret colorway will be available in very limited quantities for the first time at the Scion showing Saturday night so be sure to stop by the show if you’re in the LA area. Jermaine will be in attendance signing and doodling this sick new piece from 7-10pm.
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