Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Johnny Cupcakes Athletic Collection

The Johnny Cupcakes Athletic Collection - Reversible Jersey, Duffle Bag, Water Bottle & Headband

If you know anything about Johnny Cupcakes then you’re probably aware of their love of the great American pastime…dodgeball! In honor of JC’s favorite intramural sport they’ve put together a collection of athletic items for anybody that isn’t afraid to get a little sweaty! The Johnny Cupcakes Athletic Collection includes a fun Reversible Jersey that features a black on grey design on one side and a grey design on black on the other. The grey side features a tiger cupcake mascot, while the reverse has the classic Johnny Cupcakes Crossbones logo!

The Johnny Cupcakes Athletic Collection also includes a versatile Johnny Cupcakes Duffle Bag! The JC Duffle Bag is black with white ink, has a dual-zipper seal and includes an inner pocket with a zipper. What’s really cool about this release is that includes a free Johnny Cupcakes water bottle and sweatband (while supplies last)! The sweatband alone makes this an instant buy for The Blot!

Both the Reversible Jersey and Duffle Bag are currently available in the Johnny Cupcakes online store for $50 each. Get them while you can before the Johnny Cupcakes Athletic Collection sells out!
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