Monday, July 1, 2013

New ED-IT DJ Resin Robots by Tesselate

ED-IT DJ Resin Robots by Tesselate - Z7200

Tesselate has been busy this past few weeks and has unleashed an army of new ED-IT DJ resin robots upon the world!!! First up is Z7200, a founding member of the ED-IT DJ partnership alongside B5100. Not often seen on stage or in the public eye, they operate behind the scenes and run the sister business of ACCEX, which develop and produce the machines that the crew uses.

ED-IT DJ Resin Robots by Tesselate - Z9900_k1 & Z9900_k2

Next up is the Z9900_k resin robots, which belong to the IT series of the ED-IT DJ collaboration crew. These wild eyed guys are fresh from the factory floor! Once taken out of production by the humans due to how intense and hyperactive they could be, they were reactivated after the passing of the 2068 Law of Awareness. The Z9900_k series primarily work at Accex Systems creating drum machines, and can sometimes be found on the stage before a ED-IT DJ production working as a their hype crew.

All three of the ED-IT DJ Resin Robots by Tesselate seen here are one of a kind and sold exclusively at the Tesselate online store! Z7200 retails for £70, while Z9900_k1 and Z9900_k2 retail for £40 each.
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