Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pyramidun 3” Dunny by Andrew Bell - On Sale Today!

Kidrobot - Gray & Red Pyramidun 3” Dunny Vinyl Figures by Andrew Bell

So when is a Dunny not a Dunny? Ask Andrew Bell who decomposed Kidrobot’s iconic platform for his new Pyramidun 3” Dunny. Bell may not be the first to design a production Dunny without ears, but he’s definitely put a lot of thought into his interactive new figure. As Bell explains, “In the hands of hundreds of artists and customizers, the Dunny has constantly and repeatedly evolved into a new and exciting, yet familiar object. The Pyramidun 3” Dunny pays tribute to the versatility of the design, while simultaneously removing itself from the base form that has defined it. Its multi-faceted form invites the collector to create their own combination reflective of their style, mood or environment.”

Personally I think a Dunny without ears is no longer a Dunny (please don’t strike me down Huck Gee fans). Really is this figure all that different than the 100s of licensed figures Kidrobot has produced the past few years with new sculpted heads on what eerily resembles the Dunny body? With that being said, Bell’s pyramid design is pretty freaking awesome! The Blot just wishes it wasn’t being called a Dunny.

Ever evolving, the Pyramidun 3” Dunny by Andrew Bell is 16 Dunnys in one. A 3 part pyramid replaces the iconic two eared head, creating a figure of a different form. Each “face” of the pyramid has a different graphic, and by turning each level of the pyramid a new image appears. A tribute to the versatility of design, Andrew Bell’s Pyramidun design definitely takes Dunny to a new dimension. Collectors can pick one of these transforming Dunnys up starting today, Thursday, August 15th, at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers worldwide for $14.99 each. This figure is not being sold blind box style, meaning fans get to choose whether they the red or gray Pyramidun colorway (or both).
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