Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Gachapon Goblins Mini Vinyl Figures by Rampage Toys

The Gachapon Goblins Mini Vinyl Figures - Ugly Unicorn by Rampage Toys, My Little Unicorn by Rampage Toys & Shitman by Art Junkie

Rampage Toys has unveiled a really fun new line of mini sofubi vinyl figures entitled the Gachapon Goblins! This series includes seven 1.5-2” figures designed to fit in the Rampage Toys’ two inch Gachapon machine. The Gachapon Goblins includes Rampage Toys’ Ugly Unicorn and My Little Unicorn, Shitman by Art Junkie, Joseph Harmon’s Slimeface Seijin and Eggplant Bat Boy, and Walter Parenton’s Bobbybeast characters Harry and Bobby. What a strong line-up!

The Gachapon Goblins Mini Vinyl Figures - Slimeface Seijin by Joseph Harmon, Eggplant Bat Boy by Joseph Harmon, Harry by Walter Parenton & Bobby by Walter Parenton

The first regular release of these exciting new mini figures will be at Superfestival on September 29th, but coming this Friday, August 23rd, Rampage Toys will open up a very special pre-order for a full set of The Gachapon Goblins (that’s all 7 figures) in unpainted black vinyl. Rumor has it there may be options for single blind bagged Gachapon Goblins and maybe even secret painted versions as well! It looks like each figure will retail for around $10, making amassing an army of these little guys extremely reasonable. Be sure to check out the Rampage Toys online store this Friday for all the latest on the Gachapon Goblins!
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