Friday, August 30, 2013

Toy Review: Hero Mork Vinyl Figure by MAD

The Blot Says Toy Review - Hero Mork Vinyl Figure by MAD & Pobber

One of The Blot’s favorite releases from the past two years is the Mork vinyl figure by MAD. Produced by Pobber, this fun character’s sixth and final colorway hit store shelves over the summer and The Blot got his hands on one! While all six versions are awesome, this is definitely my favorite of the bunch. The “Hero” Mork is the good brother of the Mork Twins, and features a blue and white color scheme.

The Blot Says Toy Review - Hero Mork Vinyl Figure by MAD & Pobber and a hand painted custom Mork 10 Inch Mad'l

What’s really cool about this figure is how many of MAD’s signature elements it includes. The helmet features MAD’s classic Guardian wings, his body rocks MAD’s handstyle graphics, and then there’s those crazy Mork teeth and body zipper. The Mork character has actually been around for years, and I even scored one of ten custom Mork 10” Mad’ls that MAD released blind box style back in 2010. It’s one of my favorite pieces in my collection, and I love the fact that the characters finally turned into a production toy!

Pobber did an amazing job turning MAD’s Mork Twins into 3D toys. With such a huge head you’d think he might be top heavy, but he actually stands great! The helmet is removable and fits snuggly on Mork’s head without damaging the very detailed sculpt underneath. As you can see all of the details on Mork’s head is sculpted, from the figure’s eyebrows and teeth all the way to the three hairs on the top of his head. Even his PJs include a sculpted hood and butt flap. But my favorite detail is the full body zipper. It just says “MAD” to me.

The Blot Says Toy Review - Hero Mork Vinyl Figure by MAD & Pobber with an 8 Inch Dunny and 7.5 Inch Deadbeet

The Blot always has a hard time judging just how big a toy feels from their descriptions. Mork is advertised as 6.5” tall, but doesn’t he look almost as big as an 8” Dunny when his helmet is on? This is definitely a substantial toy with 5 points of articulation (head, arms & wrists) and a removable helmet. And the QC on this guy is impeccable! All of the painted on graphics are super tight, which is important for a figure like the Hero Mork when most of the detailing is in white. All of that combined makes Mork an instant buy for The Blot, especially at the price point of just $65! You an pick one up now at designer toy stores everywhere. Now all I’ve got to do is track down the figure’s other 5 colorways…
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