Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fur Face Boy ファーフェイスボーイ T-Shirt Series

Fur Face Boy ファーフェイスボーイ T-Shirt Series - Hahaha! Happy! T-Shirt

The Blot’s been waiting for months for a new Fur Face Boy t-shirt series and it’s finally here! Ha of FFB always releases awesome pop culture inspired designs and the ファーフェイスボーイ Series is quite possibly his best, most outrageous series yet. Inspired by Japanese pop culture, the ファーフェイスボーイ Series (which translates literally to Fur Face Boy) pays homage to the amazing, intriguing, high energy and colorful culture of Japan. I especially love the homage to the manga Crayon Shin-chan and what’s better than a Fur Face Boy Shogun Warrior!?!

Fur Face Boy ファーフェイスボーイ T-Shirt Series - Super #1 Friends, Hero Forever, ファーフェイスボーイ & Fur Face-Chan T-Shirts

Fur Face Boy ファーフェイスボーイ T-Shirt Series - FFB x Shogun R.I.P. Edition, Dancing Girl, Type & FFB T-Shirt Man T-Shirts

The ファーフェイスボーイ T-Shirt Series by Fur Face Boy includes 9 designs in all and a matching button pack, all available now through the FFB online store. Each t-shirt comes in sizes S-2XL and retails for $28 each. But act fast as lots of sizes are already sold out!
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