Sunday, September 8, 2013

RhymeSquare T-Shirt Collection

RhymeSquare T-Shirt Collection - SprayBloc, HugLife, White WhereBear & BearScript

The Blot can’t lie, I know next to nothing about the new indie UK clothing brand RhymeSquare. I really only found out about these awesome shirts because of Jon-Paul Kaiser’s involvement. I assume JPK designs the tees, but I can’t even confirm that. I’ve visited their website, Facebook page and Twitter account but there’s no real info out there! Come on guys, help a blogger out with an “About” page. Thankfully they make some really fun t-shirts that make up for the lack of info.

RhymeSquare T-Shirt Collection - BabyStew, Hot Source, Ill-LuminaTed & BearScoops

Most of RhymeSquare’s t-shirt designs feature the brand’s mascot WhereBear, a sunglass sporting bear who’s not afraid to let it all hang out (literally). From browsing through their t-shirt catalogue it looks like most of the RhymeSquare tees are limited edition and include a signed and individually numbered swing ticket. It’s a nice little touch for the indie clothing connoisseur looking for the freshest limited edition tees.

All of the t-shirts seen here and so much more are now available through the RhymeSquare online store in sizes S-XXL for £20 each.
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