Friday, September 6, 2013

Scamwave Transformers Resin Figure by UME Toys

“Battle Damaged Blue” Edition Scamwave Transformers Soundwave Resin Figure by UME Toys

Based on a one of a kind custom Soundwave figure Rich Page created last year, comes the first UME Toys premium figure Scamwave! Scamewave is a menacing 8” Decepticon handmade figure cast in resin with metal arms and legs. What’s amazing about this Transformers bootleg figure is it features a whopping 8 points of articulation! Rich has definitely taken resin figures to the next level with this highly articulated Scamwave. The Blot loves how Rich stayed true to the look and feel of Generation 1 Soundwave, and yet you can’t miss that UME Toys charm he adds to each and every one of his creations.

The first Scamwave release is the “Battle Damaged Blue” Edition seen here, which is limited to just 5 pieces. Each figure includes a set of blueprints and a signed and numbered Scamwave mini print. Pick one up today at the UME Toys online store for £135.
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