Saturday, October 26, 2013

kaNO Artist Edition Bodega A/P Custom Vinyl Figures

kaNO Artist Edition Bodega Artist Proof Custom Vinyl Figure

On Friday kaNO released the Artist Proofs of his purple Artist Edition Bodegas and they look awesome! Standing 6” tall, these A/P customs feature a gold cap and a backpack for all your hood boosting needs, not to mention some perfectly placed purple splatters! The blade on the shank and the stripe on the sneaker are also painted gold to match. kaNO really did a killer job making these A/Ps extra special. The Blot especially loves the backpack accessories. This is how you do an Artist Proof release.

kaNO Artist Edition Bodega Artist Proof Custom Vinyl Figures

Limited to just 10 pieces, these kaNO Artist Edition Bodega A/Ps sold for $120 in the kaNO Kid online store. Sadly these awesome figures sold out almost immediately upon release.
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