Sunday, October 27, 2013

Marvel x Threadless Thor T-Shirt Collection

Marvel x Threadless Thor T-Shirt Collection - “Thor A God Among Worlds”

For Threadless’ fifth release of community designed Marvel t-shirts, the Chicago, IL based company has turned its sights on everyone’s favorite Asgardian, Thor! Unfortunately, the Thor T-Shirt Collection might be its weakest release to date. And with only 6 designs it is also Threadless’ smallest Marvel Super Heroes collection. The Mighty Thor deserved so much better! The Blot was hoping to pick one up to wear to a screening of Thor: The Dark World next month, but I’m not even sure there’s a design I’d wear. Here’s hoping Threadless’ upcoming Captain America T-Shirt Collection is a lot better!

Marvel x Threadless Thor T-Shirt Collection - “Asgardian Weapons 101 Mjolnir”, “God of Thunder”, “The Strongman Game Champion” & “In Loki's Mind”

The Threadless x Marvel Thor T-Shirt Collection includes 6 designs available exclusively at in mens, womens, toddlers, and kids sizes for $24.50.
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