Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Screen Print by Dave Perillo

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” Peanuts Screen Prints by Dave Perillo - Standard & Variant Editions

In what is turning into a yearly tradition, tomorrow Dark Hall Mansion will be releasing an awesome new Peanuts screen print by Dave Perillo based on Charles Schulz’ 1973 animated classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! Perrillo’s signature multi-panel approach allowed DHM to capture a number of iconic scenes from the animated film all in one design. From the epic struggle of Charlie trying to kick a football held by Lucy, to Snoopy's legendary display of culinary skills, Dave has brought back all the moments that make this holiday favorite so unforgettable.

Both A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving screen prints go on sale at the Dark Hall Mansion online store tomorrow, Friday, November 15th, at a random time between 9:30am PST and 11:30am PST. Each print measures 12"x36", and comes hand numbered. The Standard Edition has a limited edition run size of 280 pieces and will retail for $65, while the Variant Edition has a limited edition run size of 50 pieces and will retail for $100. DHM is also producing 10 12”x36” Wood Variants of each print that will retail for $250.
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