Friday, November 8, 2013

DCon Exclusive Bounty Wok-R Star Wars Resin Figure by Dez Einswell

Designer Con 2013 Exclusive Bounty Wok-R Boba Fett Star Wars Resin Figure & Skateboard by Dez Einswell

Dez Einswell’s amazing Star Wars Wok-R series returns this weekend at Designer Con 2013 with the Bounty Wok-R colorway! Sculpted by J*RYU, Dez Einswell’s 8” Bounty Wok-R features a killer Boba Fett paint job which you know has The Blot drooling all over it. There is also a run of Bounty Wok-R skatedecks to go along with the figure. Collectors can snag both of them directly from Dez at his DCon booth this weekend and maybe if we’re lucky a few will show up on his website after the convention.
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