Friday, December 27, 2013

Invicta Duo Android Custom Vinyl Figures by J*RYU

Invicta Duo Android Custom Vinyl Figure by J*RYU

J*RYU continues his awesome Invicta Series of custom Android vinyl figured with the “Invicta Duo”. This second series features a new ghost girl and new sculpting and design elements that differentiates it from J*RYU’s ultra rare first series of Invicta Androids. These beautiful custom toys were made with epoxy, metal, and vinyl, and painted with acrylics.

Each Invicta Duo Android custom by J*RYU is signed and numbered by the artist and comes packaged in a signed box. Collectors can purchase the Invicta Duo Series from the J*RYU online store for $170 each. Use the coupon code “IMSOGOFF” from now until the new year for 15% your entire order! How great is that!?!
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