Friday, December 27, 2013

Suck-Pizza Bootleg Star Wars Resin Figure by The Sucklord

Suck-Pizza Bootleg Star Wars Kitbashed Resin Figure by The Sucklord

For his final drop of 2013 The Super Sucklord is going all out! Just check out the famous Vinny Tony Suck Pizza resin figure! This kitbashed Star Wars figure incorporates the iconic Han Solo in Carbonite figure into what looks like a real live thin crust New York pizza topped with pepperoni, anchovies and mushrooms. What a tasty treat! I bet Jabba wishes he could have hung this heavenly pizza on his wall instead of a bland old block of carbonite in Return of the Jedi!

The Suck Pizza Bootleg Star Wars resin figure by The Sucklord is 5” wide, comes packaged in a custom pizza box and can be purchased at 2pm EST today (Friday, December 27th) at the Super Suckstore for $125 each.
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