Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Brewmaster Resin Figure by DuBose Art & Motorbot

DuBose Art x Motorbot The Brewmaster Resin Figure

The Blot was blown away when DuBose Art posted pictures on their Instagram page of their newest handmade resin figure, The Brewmaster! Who doesn’t need a Ghouly Goblin Master of Wizardry in their collection!?! This intricate figure is based on an original design by Motorbot, was beautifully 3D sculpted and printed by iamscumbag, and cast in brilliant shades of resin by Dubose Art. What an epic designer art toy team-up!

The Brewmaster is a freaking monster of a figure standing 7.5” tall and weighing in at 2lbs of sold resin. Yes, you read that right. It weights 2 freaking pounds! Pre-orders for The Brewmaster DIY kit are currently available now at the DuBose Art online store, with the 5 piece kit priced super low ($50) for those collectors who don’t mind following simple assembly instructions.
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