Friday, January 24, 2014

Toy Break Mini Figure by October Toys

Toy Break PVC 1.5″ Mini Figure by October Toys - Purple, Grey & Glow in the Dark Colorways

The 4th annual 24 Hour Toy Break kicks off tonight at 5pm, and October Toys is dropping some very special figures in honor of this important fundraiser. One of those releases is the official Toy Break mini figure, a toy The Blot’s been wanting to get his hands on since they first debuted at SDCC 2013! Designed and sculpted by George Gaspar, this 1.5″ collectible Toy Break PVC mini figure is in scale with other mini figures such as OMFG!, M.U.S.C.L.E. and OTMF!

While the Toy Break mini figure is usually only available from the October Toys crew at conventions, they will be available online in glow in the dark, grey and purple colorways for 24 hours only during the 24 Hour Toy Break special for a $1 donation to the Toy Break fundraiser through the October Toys online store. 24 Hour Toy Break begins at 5pm PST on Friday, January 24th through 5pm PST on Saturday, January 25th.
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