Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marvel x Threadless Captain America T-Shirt Collection

Marvel x Threadless Captain America T-Shirt Collection - “Red and White and Blue”, “American Shooting Star” & “Support Our Troops”

Next month Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters and to commemorate its release Threadless has teamed up with Marvel once again for a new line of community designed Captain America t-shirts! The Blot was really looking forward to this one as Threadless works its way through members of The Avengers. Unfortunately, this collection only includes three measly designs! Not sure why these Marvel collections keep shrinking. It’s starting to make me wonder if they’re not selling well. Even worse, I’m not really sold on any of these t-shirts.

The Threadless x Marvel Captain America T-Shirt Collection includes 3 designs available exclusively at in mens, womens, toddlers, and kids sizes for $25.
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