Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coraline Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Mondo - Coraline Disney Screen Print by Tom Whalen

The Blot loves me some Coraline! I bought the book when it first came out back in 2002 based on author’s Neil Gaiman’s name alone. But while the book is good, the LAIKA movie is great! I’m such a sucker for stop-motion animation and LAIKA did an incredible job translating the book to film. To commemorate Mondo’s release of the film’s soundtrack on vinyl today, Mondo is also releasing this new Coraline screen print by Tom Whalen. Boy are those freaking button eyes still creepy!

Coraline by Tom Whalen is an 18”x24” hand numbered screen print. Limited to 275 pieces, these movie posters will go on sale at the Mondo online store at a random time today, Tuesday, April 22nd, for $45 each.
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