Sunday, April 27, 2014

“Reaper” T-Shirts by Vannen

Limited Edition “Reaper” T-Shirts by Vannen

Vannen has taken the quality, design and craftsmanship you love about their watches and applied it to a new line of limited edition affordable t-shirts! After seeing a lot of really successful brands selling their fans total garbage t-shirts, Vannen decided awesome fans deserve awesome shirts. If you’re tired of spending tons of money on limited edition shirts that fall apart after one wash Vannen has the tees for you! From here on out Vannen will be producing limited edition apparel at an affordable price.

Their first release is this super soft, limited edition “Vannen Reaper” t-shirt! Each shirt is printed on black American Apparel tees and comes in a variety of logo colors (white, black, maroon and teal). And if black’s not your style, Vannen has also release a heather grey “Reaper” tee with a white logo. Each color is limited to just 10 pieces of each size, and even though these are super limited Vannen is selling them for only $20 for sizes S-XL, and $23 for size 2XL. Pick one up today at the Vannen online store.
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