Monday, May 19, 2014

Lemon Drop 3” Dunny by Andrew Bell

Kidrobot - Lemon Drop 3” Dunny by Andrew Bell

Surprisingly, it’s been a while since Kidrobot had a single 3” production Dunny release, but that changes later this week with Andrew Bell’s Lemon Drop Dunny! The Blot really loves these single 3” Dunny releases, and Bell’s designs are always top notch. I am a little concerned about the plastic for this release. KR’s previous translucent 3 inch releases have always been a very hard ABS plastic, which is not my favorite. My guess is this piece is more of the same, but it’s hard to tell from just the pics seen here. Regardless, Bell kills it again with the upcoming Lemon Drop Dunny!

Kidrobot - Lemon Drop 3” Dunny by Andrew Bell and Packaging

A vibrant yellow sun shines through a visage of oil and smoke. Featuring Andrew Bell’s illustrative imagery set off by a translucent yellow fade, the Lemon Drop Dunny is bright, bold and beautiful. Lemon Drop is available at Kidrobot retail locations,, and select specialty toy stores beginning Thursday, May 22nd, for $14.99.
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