Sunday, June 8, 2014

El Lunchador T-Shirt by Deli Fresh Threads

El Lunchador T-Shirt (Front) by Deli Fresh Threads

Like The Blot, our buddy Biggie of Deli Fresh Threads grew up a huge fan of the WWE and professional wrestling! For Deli Fresh Threads newest release, Biggie brought back those old school wrestling posters that promoters used to use to advertise events back in the day, mixed in a little Lucha Libre wrestling, and came up with a delicious new t-shirt design entitled “El Lunchador”. This shirt is seriously fantastic! Designed by the talented Lain Lee III, each El Lunchador t-shirt purchased will also include a few extra goodies like a Masked Biggie Bread sticker and an El Lunchador poster.

El Lunchador T-Shirt (Back) by Deli Fresh Threads

The “El Lunchador” t-shirt is currently available in sizes S-3XL, comes printed on a crème tee, and can be purchased at the Deli Fresh Threads online store for $28.

Who is El Lunchador? As a child, El Lunchador got bullied for his lunch daily. The kids at school would take El Lunchador's lunch, and eat the delicious sandwich lovingly prepared each day by his mother. One day after having his lunch stolen again, El Lunchador decided no one should ever be bullied for their sandwich (or for any other reason)! El Lunchador loved sandwiches so much that he decided to learn the fighting styles of the sandwiches he enjoyed. Being from Mexico he learned the fighting style of Lucha Libre and the delicious sandwich making ways of the Torta. In Vietnam, he learned how to make a bahn mi and the fighting style of Vovinam. He studied Bartitsu in England, while also learning the history of the sandwich. Last but not least, he studied MMA and professional wrestling in the United States. While in the good old USofA, El Lunchador also learned the skills necessary to make delicious cheesesteaks, hoagies, po’boys, French Dips and more! No one knows who the masked Lunchador is, but when he's in the ring El Lunchador will devour the competition. Just like when he’s faced with a delicious sandwich!
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