Thursday, June 12, 2014

“Kentucky Bluegrass” Baby Greasebat Dunny Resin Figure by Chauskoskis

“Kentucky Bluegrass” Baby Greasebat Dunny 3 Inch Resin Figure by Chauskoskis

Rumor has it that Walter “Chauskoskis” Jacott will be releasing the third colorway of his adorable Baby Greasebat Dunny resin figure today, and it will pay homage to the epic “Kentucky Bluegrass” Real Fighting Greasebat colorway from back in 2010! This was just the second ever full sized Greasebat colorway releaed, and The Blot was lucky enough to score the “Kentucky Bluegrass” RFGB when it originally dropped. Four years later it’s still one of my favorite figures!

Besides just loving the Greasebat sculpt, the custom “Kentucky Bluegrass” color Jeff Lamm and company came up with is just perfect! I wish more figures would utilize this beautiful shade of blue. Thanks to Walter for bringing it back! It’s going to look perfect next to my “Kentucky Bluegrass” Greasebat and the matching Ugly Unicorn, which was released in 2012.

Each “Kentucky Bluegrass ’10 Edition” Baby Greasebat Dunny resin figure stands 3" tall, will come bagged with a header card, and goes on sale at a random time today at the Chauskoskis online store for $65 each.
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