Sunday, June 29, 2014

“Make Toys, Not War” T-Shirt by Pobber Toys

“Make Toys, Not War” Blue & White T-Shirt by Pobber Toys

Pobber Toys has released its newest t-shirt, and it’s this awesome “Make Toys, Not War” type tee! It’s such a simple, yet powerful message. And seriously, couldn't we all use more toys and less war in the world? Now you too can always sport Pobber’s positive message of bringing designer art toys to the masses on your chest.

“Make Toys, Not War” White & Black T-Shirt by Pobber Toys

The “Make Toys, Not War” t-shirt is available now, in sizes XS-2XL, at the Pobber Toys online store for $24 each. Get one today in Blue/White or White/Black. Or heck, just pick up one of each!
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