Saturday, June 7, 2014

Painted “BuddhaTor” Masters of the Universe Buddha Resin Figure by ETC Toys & Kevin Watts

ETC Toys & Kevin Watts

Yesterday, ETC Toys (aka Extra-Truckestrial Custom Toys) released its very first wave of painted BuddhaTor resin figures! Hand painted by Kevin Watts, BuddhaTor is a killer mash-up of the classic Buddha figure with He-Man’s sworn enemy, the evil Skeletor. The Blot’s a big fan of ETC Toys’ Buddhas of the Universe bootleg resin figures and this painted series turned out great. You can really see the all of the little details in the sculpt now thanks to Watts’ spot-on paint job.

ETC Toys x Kevin Watts Painted “BuddhaTor” Masters of the Universe Buddha Resin Figures

The Painted BuddhaTor by ETC Toys and Kevin Watts is currently available via the ETC Toys online store in two sizes. The Small version stands approximately 1.5-2” tall and retails for $25, while the Medium version stands 3” tall and retails for $40. Only 6 figures were created for this wave, but look for more painted Buddhas of the Universe resin figures to be released soon!
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