Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Super7 the 13th Anniversary Lucky Bags

Super7 the 13th Anniversary Lucky Bags

Next Friday, June 13th, is Super7’s annual birthday celebration, which can only mean one thing…Lucky Bags!!! In honor of S7’s 13th anniversary celebration falling on Friday the 13th, Super7 is going with a Friday the 13th theme. Although, what that really means for the mystery figures in this year’s Lucky Bags is anyone’s guess. This year’s bags will include secret figures, special handpaints and some super secret surprises! Even better still, no two bags will be the same.

For their 13th Anniversary Super7 is offering two sizes of Lucky Bags, something they haven’t done since their 8th Anniversary back in 2009. This is great for collectors like The Blot who buy on a budget, because now there’s a lowered priced LB option! It’s really amazing how expensive lucky bags have gotten across the industry.

Super7 the 13th Anniversary Party & Skullbrain Reunion

Super7’s “Large Bag” 13th Anniversary Lucky Bag will include 6 figures (2 large figures, a mystery figure, two small figures and a Fight figure) and retail for $250, while the “Small Bag” will include 3 figures (1 large figure, one mystery figure and one small figure). Both figures go on sale at noon PDT Friday the 13th in June at the Super7 online store. That evening Super7 will hold their annual S7 Anniversary Party in conjunction with a very special Skullbrain reunion (more details to come).
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