Sunday, June 22, 2014

Threadless x Mighty Jaxx Vinyl Toy & T-Shirt Contest

Threadless x Mighty Jaxx Character Vinyl Toy & T-Shirt Contest

Threadless, The Blot’s favorite online t-shirt community, has teamed up with designer art toy producer Mighty Jaxx for a very special contest to create and produce Threadless’ first vinyl figure! The rules are pretty simple: submit an original 2D character t-shirt design to Threadless here, and include as much background information about the character in your design description. If your design wins, not only will your design be sold on a Threadless t-shirt, but Mighty Jaxx will produce the character design and sell it as a limited edition vinyl toy! Pretty freaking awesome right!?! The contest ends tomorrow though, so get those submissions in ASAP.

The winner of the Threadless x Mighty Jaxx Character Contest will win $2,000 cash, your design turned into a Threadless t-shirt, your design turned into a vinyl figure and sold by Mighty Jaxx (you’ll earn 10% royalty on all sales), and receive 10 pieces of your toy.
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