Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pink & Blue Chog CHEW Plushes by Skelton Crew Studio

Pink Chog CHEW Plush by Skelton Crew Studio

Besides being one of my favorite comic books, CHEW by John Layman and Rob Guillory has some of the coolest officially licensed merchandise of any independent comic (outside of The Walking Dead). Ever since Layman and Guillory started working with Skelton Crew Studio, the CHEW toys, statues and apparel just keep on coming! For their newest release, Skelton Crew Studio is producing these adorable Pink and Blue Plush Chogs!

Blue Chog CHEW Plush by Skelton Crew Studio

Based on the popular frog/chicken hybrid animal from the hit Image comic book, these fricken plushes stand 4” tall, come boxed in an original Sushi Ono takeout carton, and include a magnet from New York's favorite questionable eatery. Available in Pink or Blue colorways, the Chog CHEW Plush is available now for pre-order at the Skelton Crew Studio online store for $16.75 each. And if you get your orders in by July 4th, your package will come signed by John Layman!
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