Monday, August 25, 2014

“Classic Grey” Mickiv Vinyl Figure by Arkiv Vilmansa

“Classic Grey” Edition Mickiv Vinyl Figure by Arkiv Vilmansa

Ooh, now here’s a release The Blot’s been waiting for! Arkiv Vilmansa is finally releasing his newest vinyl figure and it may be his best one yet. Check out Mickiv, a mash-up of Arkiv’s signature character Arkiv Instant and Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The Mickiv has appeared in a number of Arkiv’s paintings and now can be added to your designer art toy collection!

The first Mickiv colorway to be released is the “Classic Grey” Edition featuring a monotone color scheme of a variety of greys and white. The “Classic Grey” Mickiv vinyl figure stands 8” tall and is limited to just $100 pieces. It goes on sale at 11am EDT this Thursday, August 29th, at the Visual Ark online store for $100.
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