Friday, September 19, 2014

MondoCon Exclusive “MOND-000” Vinyl Record Test Pressings with Cover Artwork by Tyler Stout

MondoCon Exclusive “MOND-000” Vinyl Record Test Pressings with Artwork by Tyler Stout

If you’ve ever wondered what Mondo’s been doing with their vinyl record test pressings since they first started their record label back in 2011, here’s your answer! They’ve been saving them up for an extra special release! To celebrate the third anniversary of their label, Mondo will be releasing their test pressings exclusively at MondoCon 2014. All of the album test pressings will be randomly assorted, blind box style, packaged in a killer gatefold jacket designed by Tyler Stout (the spine is marked MOND-000 for all the completists out there).

There will only be around 200 MondoCon Exclusive “MOND-000” vinyl record test pressings released, and they will include everything from The Beyond (MOND-002) through their newest release, Shaun Of The Dead (MOND-043). This release will even include test pressings from albums that haven’t been announced yet! The MondoCon 2014 Exclusive MOND-OOO test pressings, featuring artwork by Tyler Stout, will be limited to 1 per person and retail for $100 each.
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