Sunday, September 14, 2014

“Sons of a Bakery” Sons of Anarchy Hoodies by Johnny Cupcakes

“Sons of a Bakery” Sons of Anarchy East Coast Hoodie by Johnny Cupcakes

Ok these aren’t exactly t-shirts, but these Sons of Anarchy inspired hoodies from Johnny Cupcakes are just too awesome not to blog about. I just wish they’d been produced as t-shirts as well! This SAMCRO Reaper homage is spot on, and I love the use of red in a design that’s typically black and white. Doesn’t that cupcake look adorable in the middle of such a seriously deadly design? The patches on the front of the hoodie are also a nice additional touch. I’m especially digging the Spade patch on the chest.

“Sons of a Bakery” Sons of Anarchy West Coast Hoodie by Johnny Cupcakes

Released just in time for the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy’s seventh and final season, the “Sons of a Bakery” Johnny Cupcakes hooded zip-up sweatshirt comes in both “East Coast” and “West Coast” editions. This way you can rep your favorite Johnny Cupcakes retail location! This unisex design (available in sizes XS-XXL) is currently available for purchase at the Johnny Cupcakes online store for $60 each.
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