Tuesday, October 14, 2014

“Chibi” Pocket Sideshow Mini Figure Series by Circus Posterus

Black & Red “Chibi” Pocket Sideshow Mini Figure Series by Circus Posterus

Circus Posterus and Tomenosuke continue their awesome collaboration with a new line of soft Japanese vinyl mini figures entitled Pocket Sideshow! Featuring four different characters from Circus Posterus’ amazing collective of artists, this new line of “chibi” style 3” figures looks fantastic. Pocket Sideshow includes Kathie Olivas’ Penelope, Brandt Peters’ Otto, Chris Ryniak’s Puddlesproot and Amanda Louise Spayd’s Snowshoe. The first red and black colorway debuted last weekend at Stranger Factory’s Bewitching IV group art show. Each figure is limited to 100 pieces (half to CP and half to Tomenosuke), and was designed so that you can swap out the heads and bodies between all of the other figures in the Chibi Pocket Sideshow series.

These Pocket Sideshow chibi style mini figures will be sold in three ways: full painted sets of four figures for $95, Full painted sets of four figures plus blank versions of all four figures (so eight figures in total) for $150, or individual sets of 1 painted figure and its matching blank figure (2 figures in total) for $40. Any pieces remaining after opening night of the show are to go up for sale at the Circus Posterus online store this week.
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