Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Batman: The Animated Series Wave 3 6” Action Figures

Batman The Animated Series Wave 3 6” Action Figure by DC Collectibles – Harley Quinn, The Creeper, Killer Croc & Baby Doll and Robin

As part of DC Comics’ celebration of Batman’s 75th Anniversary, DC Collectibles will be continuing its awesome line of Batman: The Animated Series 6” action figures!!! This television themed toy line is based on Bruce Timm’s original character designs from Batman: The Animated Series and the New Batman Adventures. Each figure is based on Mattel’s original 4.5” tall with limited articulation figures, and been enlarged to a whopping 6” scale. What’s really great about this new toy line is each B:TAS has been given 24 points of articulation.

Batman: The Animated Series Wave 3 includes Harley Quinn, Robin, Killer Croc with Baby Doll and The Creeper! Each figure comes with multiple accessories and is packaged in a full color blister card. The Blot is especially excited to see The Creeper included in this toy line. While these awesome 6” figures aren’t scheduled to hit store shelves until May 2015, you can pre-order all four figures from Entertainment Earth for $22.99 each here.
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